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Garden Companions

I was pondering the connections between plants yesterday afternoon while snacking on a pesto and tomato sandwich. We’ve touched on companion plants in our Phytotheca, where each profile contains information about which plants you can keep as neighbors, as well as which need to stay apart! Tomato and basil areĀ a classic example of good neighbors…. Read More

Our Latest Plant Profiles: Okra, Marigold, Carrot, and more!

You’re in luck, budding gardener! We’re still expanding our Phytotheca Plant Library, and adding new plant profiles for you to reference and learn from. Here are the new ones that we just published today. Price Sweet Almond Price Sweet Almond tastes just like the Nonpareil type you buy most frequently at the grocery store. Read… Read More

Featured Plant Profile: Common Catnip

We’re busy developing and expanding our Phytotheca Plant Library, and in doing so we’ve learned a TON about edible and medicinal plants. We’ve also learned how overwhelming all of the choices and knowledge can get when planning your garden, menu, or next indoor growing adventure. So we will be featuring different plants here in our… Read More


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Although most of our farmers are working into the wee hours sowing away at CC GROW, we still could use all the help we can get! Maybe you’re a Master Grower looking to school the world on your feed schedule, or perhaps you’re someone new to the field who would like get your hands in the mud and share all the dirt:

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[testimonial by=”Cheryl Corsiglia”]”I joined up with CC GROW in August of 2014 and since then have learned so much. My experience has given me a chance to improve myself professionally and personally, and CC GROW has inspired me to grow my own food and to connect with others who want to do the same.”[/testimonial]

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