Cheryl relocated to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 because of its healthy and happy reputation and to be closer to the mountains and outdoor recreation opportunities. Her interests include natural building, rock climbing, healthy eating, and sustainable living. Cheryl’s fascination with plants began early while helping out in her mom’s vegetable garden. As a Girl Scout, she planted a butterfly garden for a senior living facility. During college, she continued learning about unique edible plants, organic soils, plant care, and propagation while volunteering with the Gainesville, FL nonprofit Edible Plant Project. After graduation, she took on work as a plant ecologist in the deserts of Nevada and Arizona and later as a farmer on an organic farm in Moab, Utah. She is really excited about composting and backyard gardens and has built a compost bin and/or garden in the yard of every house she has lived in since 2008. Her growing goal for the coming season is to have a backyard chicken flock for the first time.

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Chaya, Tree Spinach

  1. Cheryl Corsiglia

    Maria, Unfortunately this plant really mostly grows from stem cuttings, so seeds won’t really be an option. You’ll need to try to find someone with a plant near you, or buy a rooted cutting online. Good luck!